(I think this is not actually the final version of the one sheet that I sent out but it's the only one I could find… anyone else have a different version? There was more to it as I recall.)


A crack commando squad of half-elementals, working for a mysterious patron, take on dangerous missions across the multiverse.

Infiltrating the Burning Palace in the City of Brass…

Fighting a running battle with dao in the Great Dismal Delve…

Kidnapping a djinn princess from a floating castle on the Plane of Air…

Hijacking a githyanki astral carrack and crashing it into the City of Glass…

Hunted by celestials and fiends alike…

Mere pawns in a grand game – or can they control their own destiny?

The PC’s:

Half-water elemental cleric or druid (Hannibal)
Half-air elemental rogue or bard (Face)
Half-earth elemental fighter (B.A.)
Half-fire elemental wizard or sorcerer (Murdock)

PC characters will be created under some fairly strict guidelines.

Races: human with the appropriate half-elemental template (other base races may be discussed)

Starting Level probably 3rd or 4th. (half-elemental level adjustment is +3, so that's E.C.L. 6 or 7)

Alignment: must be neutral

The World: Most of the action will take place outside the Material Plane, especially (though not exclusively) on the Inner Elemental Planes.


E Team ryryguy