Miterimas is a university which lies just north of a vast bog. It is the place where the orphan Snow was raised. The main course of study at the university is the history and lost lore of the great Saurite (lizardfolk) civilization which once dwelt in the swamp.

Miterimas University (a.k.a., “the Swamp School”)

Population: 740. (Village)

73% human (540), 12% lizardfolk (88), 9% half-elf (66), 3% halfling (22), 3% other (22)

Power Center: NG, Faculty Council.

Students: 105 undergrad, 35 grad.

Faculty: 20

There is a town militia about 80 strong, and a company of 20 full-time guards who live in the keep. Guards are War 1 and War 2 with a Rgr 8 captain and Ftr 4 lieutenant.

The Lizardfolk inhabitants generally work for the university, and don’t mix too much with the “townies”. Provide labor, gather food (roots, berries, fish).

Many townies also work for the university, providing more advanced artisan services. Some hunt and tend the food gardens. Some are seasonal, leaving in the winter months when cranberries and saurberries are not harvested.

Tent structures range from 10’ diameter yurts to the 120’ x 100’ student mess. The smaller tents are oiled hide and rope construction with wood poles – hardness 2, hp 7. The larger ones are hide on wood frames (hardness 3, hp 10) with thick ropes and metal poles.

Stone structures are masonry with sod (peat) roofs.

All have peat piled around them during winter for insulation.

Some of the school buildings have connecting covered walkways or courtyards. These walkways are flagstones and the coverings are wood, bark and peat.

Time Fossils

The scholars of Miterimas have discovered a number of ancient magical and mystical bits of lore and technology from the Saurites once thought lost. They speculate that these things may have somehow existed in a state of suspended animation until their discovery, or perhaps even somehow been teleported forward in time. Thus, they call them time fossils.

There are three important time fossils that have been exploited by Miterimas:
  • Saurberries – a berry crop that can be grown in the great bog in alteration with cranberries; saurberry wine is the main export of Miterimas.
  • Memory trance – a technique used by the student and faculty to enable near-total recall of lectures and books.
  • Building pod – from a small seed, a large, living building grows; only recently uncovered, in a sequence events in which the E-Team figured prominently.


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