Half Elemental Powers

The half-elemental template appears in Manual of the Planes. I won’t reproduce it here—copyright and all that! But here is a list of the elemental spell-like abilities that the heroes have gained so far, plus some custom stuff that does not appear in the official template.

Spell-like abilities

Each time one of the E-Team gains a new spell-like ability, a new runic mark appears on his body. This mark glows slightly when the spell-like ability is used.

Air (Mistral): Obscuring mist, wind wall, gaseous form, air walk

Earth (Rock): Magic stone, soften earth and stone, stone shape, spike stones

Fire (Nift): Burning hands, produce flame, flaming sphere, wall of fire

Water (Snow): Obscuring mist, fog cloud, water breathing, control water

Planar Touchstone

Each member of the E-Team has the Planar Touchstone feat (from Planar Handbook). This feat is associated with another runic mark located near the belly button.

Attune form

When the E-Team moves from one plane to another, each immediately gains the effect of the attune form spell (from Planar Handbook). This provides short-term protection from any hostile environmental effects of the new plane – e.g., it prevents you from drowning on the Plane of Water or burning up on the Plane of Fire.

This effect is even stronger when the character visits the plane of his native element. In this case, the attune form effect lasts indefinitely. Also, the character gains the appropriate elemental subtype (Air, Earth, Fire or Water) as long as he remains on the plane.

Unfortunately, when entering the plane of the opposite element, the attune form effect is not gained…


The E-Team has been visiting the planar touchstone sites to which they are attuned in order to gain the major powers of the sites. When they tagged the third of these sites, a new power manifested: the ability to communicate with each other using telepathy. This power has a range of 100 feet.

Half Elemental Powers

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