Discoveries and Mysteries

The E-Team’s Half-Elemental Nature

When the E-Team was first brought together as adults by their Al-mira tutors, the tutors gave a brief account of their origins as half-elementals:

“You were made by a mad wizard who dwelt on the Astral Plane… we had some dealings with him. But he betrayed us. We drove him from his hold, where we found some infants – you. He had been experimenting with fusing the elemental nature of genies with mortals… in addition to you, we found some… failures.”

“Those who found you weren’t sure what to do with you, but Jaddah – our grandmother – said to take you in. You were innocents, after all. Jaddah also said that since we had provided the wizard with some of the materials he used in his experiments, we were partially responsible for you. Finally, she said that you would grow up to become valuable members of our tribe.”

True Genies Can Dominate Jann

All the “true genies” (marids, dao, efreet, and djinn) have an ability to enslave jann with a glance. This dominate-like ability only functions on the native plane of the true genie.

There is a beneficial side-effect for an enslaved jann: he can survive indefinitely on his master’s plane without returning to the Material Plane as he usually does.

The E-Team has seen this dominate ability in effect once, on the Plane of Earth, where a dao briefly enslaved Rock’s tutor. (The dao met his end at the hands of the E-Team almost immediately afterwards.)

In the City of Brass, the ability to enslave jann is reserved as a privilege of the Sultan, so visiting jann are not subject to enslavement by any random passing efreet. However, in the draconian legal code of the City, enslavement is often the penalty when a jann wrongs an efreet.

Discoveries and Mysteries

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