Common Cosmology Lore

The nature of the cosmos is not common knowledge in the sense that every peasant knows it. But basic study of the planes would reveal the following information:

(Knowledge(the planes): 1 rank)
  • The relationship of the Material Plane and the three main Transitive Planes is standard.
    • Plane of Shadow and Ethereal Plane are coexistent with the Material Plane
    • All planes are coexistent with the Astral Plane.
  • The Inner Planes are the four Elemental Planes (there are no energy planes).
  • There are four major Outer Planes: Golden Halls (LG), God’s Choice (CG), Lurking Fear (CE), Dread Conquest (LE).

(Knowledge(the planes): 2 ranks)

  • The Material Plane is off-center with regard to the Elemental Planes. At any one time the Material Plane is closer to one of the Inner Planes than the others. That plane is said to be ascendant.
  • Each Elemental Plane is ascendant during an appropriate season: Fire during the heat of summer, Earth during the autumn harvest, Water during cold, wet winter, and Air during the gusts of spring.

(Knowledge(the planes): 3 ranks or Knowledge(religion): 1 rank)

  • There are many more Outer Planes than just the four main ones. They all move around in a complicated system of rotations and orbits, constantly drifting closer and apart.
  • The four Outer Planes also have periods when they are close to the Material Plane and become ascendant. These periods of ascendancy last three days and are associated with major festivals:
    • Golden Halls: winter solstice, aka “Gold”: a time of gift-giving and celebration, good will.
    • God’s Choice: spring equinox, aka “Choice”: a time of tricks and pranks, merry celebrations, making decisons.
    • Lurking Fear: summer solstice, aka “Fear”: a time when men and women keep to their homes for fear of the wild things that hide in the darkness
    • Dread Conquest: autumn equinox, aka “Dread”: a time of preparation and somber hard work, judgement and vengence, when one’s sins are evaluated and blame assigned.

(Knowledge(the planes): 4 ranks)

  • During times of planar ascendancy, the Material Plane is affected.
    • During elemental plane ascendancy, spells that use the element in question are enhanced.
    • During outer plane ascendancy, people of alignments opposing the ascendant plane’s feel uncomfortable and others view them with suspicion.

(Knowledge(the planes): 5 ranks)

  • As the planes move and draw close to each other, they can briefly become coterminous, and inhabitants can move directly between them without spells or gates.
  • Transit between an ascendant Outer Plane and the Material Plane is easier than usual – it can be accomplished by teleport.
  • There are Paraelemental Planes of Ice (Air / Water), Magma (Earth/Fire), Ooze (Earth/Water) and Smoke (Air/Fire). These are usually difficult to reach.
  • The Inner Planes each have their own individual coexistent Ethereal Planes, just like the Material Plane does.

(Knowledge(the planes): 6 ranks)

  • The number of planes changes over the centuries. Some drift away forever. Similarly, an entirely new Outer Plane may suddenly appear and sweep through the planes, knocking the other planes out of their orbits.
  • The Paraelemental Planes can be accessed through the primary Elemental planes during times when the Elemental plane ascendancy is near a time of change (i.e., near the change of seasons).


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